JHC Patient Advocacy

Our commitment to patient advocacy means your HR team and employees have a true partner in managing their healthcare plan.

Increase Employee Satisfaction, Reduce Liability, Save Time

The benefits field is complex, both from an administration standpoint and from the point of view of your employees trying to use their benefits. That’s why we created our Patient Advocacy Division to support both your HR Department and your employees in handling difficult health benefit issues. Reduce liability on your company and save staff time by outsourcing these concerns to us and greatly improve employee satisfaction with your benefits plan.

JHC’s Patient Advocacy Center frees up your HR Departments’ valuable time by taking employee issues off its hands, and we reduce the risk your company faces by handling these issues.

  • We maximize your company’s health benefits investment by ensuring your employees receive the benefits you and they pay for.
  • We enhance employee productivity on the job because employees spend less time trying to resolve their health benefit issues.
  • We provide a mediator for escalated health plan issues, increasing employee appreciation of the benefits – something that is often lost in the complex health care environment. All Health Benefits Counselors are bilingual.
  • Your employees feel that they are the company’s most important asset — our Benefit Management Center increases employee satisfaction, saving employees time, headaches and money.

The healthcare system can be difficult to navigate when trying to resolve complex benefit issues. Many employees don’t know where to turn for help or where to begin asking for it. Our Patient Advocacy Counselors know the system and how to move through it to resolve issues working with insurance carriers and health care providers to ensure your employees’ benefits are administered properly.

  • Troubleshoot problems with denied, delayed, and disputed claims, and with prescription benefits, referrals, authorizations, and eligibility.
  • Answer employee questions regarding their health plan benefits.
  • Coordinate the proper of disbursement of benefits available to employees through their health benefits plan.
  • Educate employees about the benefits of their healthcare plan and how to utilize those benefits.

The key to our success is this: we have created a system! Health benefit issues are usually complex and can be emotionally charged – it takes an experienced and assertive individual to navigate the healthcare system and the complexities brought about by healthcare reform and resolve these issues. Our response to this challenge has been to hire only the most experienced and customer-focused individuals for our Patient Advocacy Center, to create an environment of continuous learning within the Center, and to support that effort with the latest in technology and continuous training.

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