Group Benefit Plans

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Benefits Plans to Fit Your Unique Needs

With over 100 employee benefits advisors through our partnership with ProSential Group, we can help you develop and manage the best benefits programs as cost effectively as possible in today’s market. Our vast knowledge and experience in the benefits business combined with the latest technologies and innovative plan offerings allow us to deliver the solutions that fit your unique business and employee needs.

Our Process

We use a comprehensive benefits planning process to ensure you get the best plan for your company and employees.

  1. Benefits Needs Analysis: We analyze your needs, short-term and long-term goals, and budget.
  2. Insurance Company Shopping: After our needs analysis, we explore the insurance market to find the best solutions to meet those needs, using our decades of experience and national presence to find the best fit.
  3. Vendor Comparisons: We then present a thorough comparative analysis of the research we’ve done, and discuss how it fits your company’s needs.
  4. Financial Analysis and Benefits Cost Optimization: We’re not done when we present your plan options. To help you control costs and optimize your budget, we’ve developed many levels of analysis including benefit plan optimization, network analysis, benchmarking, and more.
  5. Administration Support: Finally, we help you administer your plan, with “state of the art technology”, employee communication materials, enrollment assistance and claims resolution support.

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